ESCAPE FROM iO (former „Sweetwater“) is a rock band from Lower Austria, formed in 2002.


Influenced - like most bands devoted to rock - by the likes of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Hendrix and all the other great and groovy heavy (fuzz) stuff out of every decade, the band’s intention was to start as a cover band, but as soon as after the very first jam, it would have been clear, that there was no way to just cover the great stuff, but write our own.


The sound of EFIO … we think “Melodic Stoner Rock of Doom and Joy” would fit quite well, but we invite everyone to gain their own impression by visiting our concerts or listening to our tracks. J


... Stay tuned ...



Jürgen Krausböck (voc, git)

Markus Maschek (b)

Markus Schmid (d)